Making a micro-budget film about Artificial Intelligence

By Luka Vukos | July 16, 2019

Lose Like a Human 1

Image creator: Luka Vukos

A presentation by Luka Vukos – ‘Making a micro-budget film about artificial intelligence’. Luka describes the making of the short film, Lose Like a Human.

Presented as part of Blethers, an evening of academic storytelling from the University of Edinburgh, February 2019.

The entire film of Lose Like a Human (2018) can be viewed here.

Lose Like a Human won Best Original Score and Audience Choice Award at Hyperdrive Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival 2018.

Lose Like a Human 2

Photographer: Iga Sobieraj

About Luka

Luka Vukos is an Edinburgh-based filmmaker and photographer. A University of Edinburgh graduate, he has written and directed his own short films, freelanced in multimedia production, and is also the copywriter and blog editor for Edinburgh film startup Cinetopia

Luka’s portfolio website can be viewed here:


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