What would you create to describe your creative process?

October 30, 2015 | Lisa Naas

The creative process is present across disciplines and used by everyone from artists to bakers to computer programmers to teachers. But though it is a highly personal endeavour, are there patterns or elements inherent to these individual processes? Lisa Naas’s videoart SORROWS documents her own creative process specific to her glass and sound project.

How would you express your creative process? What resonates for you in the SORROWS video?

As a researcher of the creative process, I am keenly interested in creative approaches across disciplines. Are there elements to the creative process that are essential and inherent, regardless of the medium or topic or specialty?

My videoart SORROWS is a short piece that captures on film my Masters of Fine Art degree project, a glass and sound installation.

Aiming to entice the viewer with macro images of glass and a haunting soundscape created entirely from the human voice, SORROWS exposes an internal world of personal thought that insists upon an external expression. Taken as a whole, the film exists on two planes: as a platform to explore the intangible idea of sorrows in glass, sound, light, and movement and as a documentary of a singular artistic process from my perspective. SORROWS examines the passage from creative concept in my mind to finished work, where viewers are given glimpses of my final, realized glass installation.

As a new PhD student, I am tasked with making new and original contributions to my discipline, but each of us can generate creative work irrespective of our chosen medium, be it pen, keyboard, paintbrush, trowel, camera, or the number pad and beyond. I am collecting and analysing contemporary works developed to express the creative process. What would you make to describe your process?

About Lisa

In her post-graduate work, Lisa Naas is researching the creative process at the intersection of disciplines. Often working in glass, she uses her studio practice as a springboard for new, interdisciplinary collaborations and new media combinations.


Lisa Naas, PhD Design student, ECA

Email: LNAAS@icloud.com

Website: www.inconcertwithglass.com

Academia Profile: https://edinburgh.academia.edu/LisaNaas

Article edited by Sarah Stewart, Adam Clay, Alice Kelly, Danielle Howarth.

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